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Portland Bitters Project Aromatic Bitters 2 oz. Bottle
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Portland Bitters Project Aromatic Bitters

2 oz. Bottle

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As featured in Bittersman’s Field Guide to Bitters & Amari: our flagship. Delight your Manhattan, Champagne Cocktail or Old Fashioned with these balanced, herbaceous bitters. If you think the story ends (sadly) with Angostura, these will change your mind. We use organic botanicals, organic cane spirits and raw sugar so nothing gets in the way of pure flavor. 

Why would you spend your hard-earned cash on these bitters? Because they’re thoughtfully made better. 

Our bitters are more concentrated so you can get dozens of cocktails from each mini bottle. Try that with your common mixer. While we’re on the subject, that bottle of whiskey you just bought will make you maaaaybe one dozen cocktails. Your new favorite bitters will be around a lot longer than that! 

They’re made from better stuff than the big brands, and most of the small brands, too.

We’ve been shipping out the best bitters for seven tasty years, and we’re not stopping anytime soon! 

Each botanical is processed individually. It’s not the easiest or the cheapest way, but we know from experience: this is how our flavors stay clear and sparkling

We use organic, non-GMO cane spirits for a soft, round mouthfeel and no extra pesticides or fertilizers in your day

Every flavor is layered for depth and complexity and to integrate into your cocktails and no-proof beverages seamlessly

A small amount of raw sugar helps all the herbs shine through on your palate

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