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J. Lassalle Special Club Brut 750ml
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J. Lassalle Special Club Brut


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Category Sparkling Wine
Origin France, Champagne
Brand J. Lassalle
Champagne J. Lassalle works with all three varietals authorized in the region on eleven hectares of vineyards, all of them premier cru. These tough, hardworking women continue to follow the vinification methods established by Jules in the forties: they use the same wooden basket press he installed in the winery over fifty years ago, pressing and vinifying the individual plots separately. It is one of the rare Champagnes that has been allowed to finish its malolactic fermentation, just like the great whites from the Côte d'Or. Every bottle is riddled by hand, and all cuvées are aged extensively once in bottle-even the non-vintage cuvées, which are a minimum of five years old. This results in an astonishing complexity and depth from the beginning of their range up to the luxury cuvées.

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