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A Bar Above Hawthorne Strainer Box
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A Bar Above Hawthorne Strainer


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Category Accessories
Origin United States
Brand A Bar Above

"Dang," you say, "That's a good looking strainer." And you're right! But it's as functional as it is beautiful, with an ergonomic shape, super fine spring, and ultra durable weld-free design. Warning: This strainer is frequently borrowed by friends and coworkers, so you might want to grab two!

Crafted by our co-founder to strain more smoothly, stand up to the volume of a pro cocktail bar, and provide reduce stress on the hand.

Ergonomic Design: No more rough edges or poorly-placed finger grips that strain the hand. Patented design reduces strain on the hand and fingers, so you can comfortably keep mixing all night.

Versatile: Standard-sized strainer fits in most industry-standard cocktail shakers, mixing glasses, and pint glasses.

High quality, tightly-coiled spring keeps fruit pulp and ice shards from making their way into your final cocktail.

Made from stainless steel 304. (That's the high-quality, food-grade kind.)

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