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Dominio de Pingus Flor de Pingus 2020 750ml
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Dominio de Pingus Flor de Pingus 2020


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Category Wine
Origin Spain, Ribera del Duero
Brand Dominio de Pingus
Flor de Pingus is sourced from parcels of old vines in the same La Horra zone of Ribera del Duero as Pingus. Peter carefully manages the viticulture, ensuring low yields and old-vine concentration. In the cellar, Peter treats Flor much as he does his elite wines. Following the primary and malolactic fermentations, it is left alone in barrel to develop its brilliant expression of Tempranillo and terroir. And as each year passes, greater depth, finesse and classicism is seen. In many respects Flor mirrors Pingus itself. The 2017 season was a challenge. Limited winter precipitation left the soils with little moisture reserves, and then a devastating April frost cost ~25% of Pingus, and 50% of Flor production. In some ways, the shortened crop was a blessing, as drought conditions meant that a full crop might not have ripened completely. Happily, Peter was able to bring in a short crop of fully-ripe fruit. He credits 10+ years of Biodynamic farming with helping his vines adapt, and even thrive, when other growers will have harvested some green-n-lean wines in the 2017 vintage.

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